Chó nhảy bàn độc Trump quay cuồng!

Whitehouse đã trở thành Crazytown
Chỉ sau hai năm trong tay Trump
Bạn có tin hay không tùy bạn
Hỡi những kẻ mê sảng cuồng Trump!

Ngài chánh văn phòng phủ Tổng Thống
Nhân vật số hai Toà Nhà Trắng
Tướng John Kelly trong riêng tư
Đã từng thốt ra lời cay đắng!

“Unhinged” “Idiot” “Crazytown”
Chưa hết còn nhiều nhân vật khác
Jim Mattis – Bộ Trưởng Quốc Phòng
Coi Trump như học trò lớp sáu!

Nhưng lắm kẻ cuồng Trump cho rằng
Trump tài năng xuất chúng ai bằng
Dù rằng Trump nói năng khiếm nhã
Trump hiện nguyên hình – hách xì xằng!

Trump sanh ra là một người Mỹ
Đã là một diễm phúc hơn người
Giàu trong trứng giàu ra – tỷ phú
Tổng Thống Mỹ đệ nhất siêu cường!

Tiền tài uy quyền Trump có đủ
Chó nhảy bàn độc Trump quay cuồng!

Nông Dân Nam Bộ

Bob Woodward’s book details Trump’s chaotic and dysfunctional White House
Ed Pilkington in New York,The Guardian 2 hours 13 minutes ago

Fear is based on hundreds of hours of conversations with key players according to the author, who uncovered the Watergate scandal

Bob Woodward’s depiction of the Trump regime strongly echoes the picture of pandemonium laid out by Michael Wolff in Fire and Fury.

Bob Woodward’s depiction of the Trump regime strongly echoes the picture of pandemonium laid out by Michael Wolff in Fire and Fury. Photograph: Alex Brandon/AP
The White House chief of staff, John Kelly, was so incensed by the behavior of Donald Trump that he privately described the president to other aides as an “idiot” and complained that they were in “Crazytown”, according to an incendiary new account of Trump’s presidency.
The unflattering portrait of Trump’s White House, in which the president is portrayed as being so gripped by paranoia over the ongoing Russian investigation that he is barely able to operate, is contained in Fear, the much-awaited book by Bob Woodward. A copy of the book was obtained days before its official release, by the Washington Post, which reported on several of its most arresting details on Tuesday.
Woodward’s depiction of the Trump administration strongly echoes the picture of chaos and pandemonium that was laid out earlier this year by Michael Wolff in his blockbuster, Fire and Fury. But given Woodward’s powerful journalistic brand from his seminal role in uncovering the Watergate scandal in the 1970s, through a series of insider portraits of a succession of presidents, Fear is likely to carry an even greater punch.
The 448-page volume is based, Woodward said, on hundreds of hours of conversations with direct players, but only on an anonymous basis. Among the revelations was the way that Trump demeans his own senior advisers behind their backs. According to the Washington Post account of the book, the president used to mock his then national security adviser HR McMaster by impersonating him with a puffed-out chest.
Some insults were delivered to individuals’ faces. He apparently told the commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, “I don’t trust you … you’re past your prime.”
Days after the nation mourned the death of the Arizona senator and Vietnam war hero John McCain, there are new bombshell disclosures about the depth of Trump’s disdain for the man. Woodward is reported to describe a dinner at which Trump told senior White House officials that McCain had been cowardly in getting himself released early from a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp.
The defense secretary, Jim Mattis, had to correct the president by pointing out that the truth was in fact the direct opposite – McCain had refused an offer of early release from his captors, out of solidarity with fellow prisoners.
Perhaps the most disturbing element of the Post’s rendition of Woodward’s book is the alarm it portrays among top national security officials about Trump’s lack of grip over world affairs. After one high-stakes meeting in January of the National Security Council over the North Korean missile threat, Mattis was so exasperated he told associates that the president had the understanding of a 10-year-old schoolchild.
Then there is the outburst attributed to John Kelly. Having called Trump an idiot, he is then said by Woodward to have lamented: “I don’t know why any of us are here. This is the worst job I’ve ever had.”%MCEPASTEBIN%%MCEPASTEBIN%


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